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Sister of WVU student killed in drunk driving crash says her sister was a good person

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.¬†—¬†Pennsylvania State Police now say it was a drunk driver who struck a vehicle transporting a pair of WVU students last weekend near Philadelphia, claiming the life of one student and injuring a second.

Chloe Robertson

According to authorities, Chloe Robertson, 21, a WVU senior from Orlando, Florida, and Bobbiann Gubbei , also a senior from Mantua, New Jersey, were traveling in an Uber Saturday night when they were hit by an unnamed driver

Robertson was killed instantly. Gubbei suffered two broken femurs, pelvic fractures, lacerations and a broken arm. The Uber driver was treated for a concussion and lacerations.

Chloe Robertson’s sister, Lauren Robertson, 25, of Orlando, spoke with MetroNews affiliate WAJR Radio in Morgantown Tuesday. She said her sister was happy and looking forward to 2020.

“Her stories that were up (on social media) before she passed away, you could tell she was having the time of her life, but she had alcohol and knew she had to take an Uber home,” Robertson said. “She did the responsible thing and someone else did the irresponsible thing.”

Lauren Robertson said the man involved in the crash had recently gone through a tragedy of his own.

“The person that ended up killing Chloe had lost a member of their family the week before in a similar incident,” Robertson said. “They were out getting hammered and got behind the wheel of that car knowing the pain and heartache they would cause and knowing what it felt like.”

Both Robertson and Gubbei majored in criminology at WVU. Sister Lauren, said Chloe developed a passion for criminal justice by watching Criminal Minds.

“Chloe was a caring individual and the stories were children being abducted and most of the endings were happy,” Lauren said. “I think Chloe wanted to know what it was like to bring that joy back to someone’s face.”

The deadly crash remains under investigation.

Lauren said when she thinks of her sister she thinks of the word good.

“Good is such a reoccurring word that people use. She was a good friend. She was a good sister. She was a good daughter and she was going to be a great maid-of-honor.”

Chloe was going to be her sister’s maid-of-honor in Lauren’s April 20 wedding, which would have been Chloe’s 22nd birthday.