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Berkeley County solid waste programs looking at further cuts with revenue loss

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — When the Entsorga waste to fuel plant in Martinsburg shut its doors in April, Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority Chair Clint Hogbin warned there could be some tightening of operations because of the resulting hole in their budget.

“They lease 12 acres from the Solid Waste Authority and that lease income comes directly to the county’s solid waste programs,” Hogbin said.

He said the Solid Waste Authority has been treading water so far, with a little help.

“It’s been in the neighborhood of $115,000 that we’ve lost so far. Thanks to the help of the Berkeley County Council, they’ve loaned us some money and they’ve advanced us some additional money to keep solid waste programs alive until we get a clearer picture of what this is,” Hogbin said.

Some steps are being taken. Beginning this month, the Grapevine Road Recycling Center is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The recycling center in Inwood has already been closed on those days, Hogbin said.

“There is no doubt that if we are in for the long haul we will have to cut back solid waste programs,” he said.

Meanwhile, cleanup of tons of trash out of the Entsorga facility continues, courtesy Apple Valley Waste. Hogbin said he remains optimistic the plant will be restarted.